Casey Crescenzo

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Casey Crescenzo

Post  SpiralStatic on Wed May 08, 2013 11:39 pm

Voice type: Low Tenor
Sung vocal range: E2-E5

Significant high notes:

E5 ("The Church and the Dime (remix)", "We've Got A Score To Settle")
D5 ("Mr. Malum", "The Inquiry Of Ms. Terri", "In Cauda Venenum", "We've Got A Score To Settle")
C5 ("The Procession", "The Church and The Dime", "The Poison Woman", "Red Hands", "The Tank", "He Said He Had a Story")
B4 ("Smiling Swine (remix)", "Dear Miss Leading", "Black Sandy Beaches (live acoustic)", "Happiness is a Warm Gun")
B♭4 ("Planning a Prison Break", "Lillian", "The Pimp and The Priest", "What it Means to be Alone", "Mustard Gas")
A4 ("Black Sandy Beaches", "Vital Vessel Vindicates", "The Procession", "But There's Wolves?")
G4 ("Smiling Swine")

Significant low notes:

E2 ("Dear Miss Leading")
G2 ("Lillian", "Writing on the Wall")
A2 ("The Church and the Dime")
Bb2 ("The Inquiry Of Ms. Terri")
C3 ("Black Sandy Beaches", "The Pimp and the Priest")

Lead singer of "The Dear Hunter" and ex-"Receiving End of Sirens"
Absolutely ridiculous belted range on this guy, I'd place him as a low tenor mostly because his highs tend to either be screamed or very weighty even though his Tessitura is more in the mid-high tenor range. Just about every Dear Hunter song has at least an A4 or Bb4 in them so I'm not sure if I should bother listing them all but I'll update as I remember them, I've been note-watching this guy for years so a lot of them may have slipped my memory by now.

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