Alexander Veljanov

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Alexander Veljanov

Post  broeschies on Thu Apr 11, 2013 9:24 pm

Voice type: Low baritone
Vocal range: C2-C#5

Significant high notes:

C#5 ("Reincarnation live")
G4 ("The Mirror Men live")
F#4 ("Reincarnation live")
F4 ("Jezebel")

Significant low notes:

E2 ("Jezebel")
C2 ("Lass mich")

*Orange marks notes with questionable registers: absolutely no use figuring out these.
*Blue marks probable non-modal notes.
*Red marks extremely bad, unimpressive or unintentional notes.
*Italics mark non-sung notes.

Lead singer of the German dark wave band "Deine Lakaien". Since the start of this project in the mid-80's recognized for his dark and captivating voice. While Deine Lakaien changed their style from dark wave more towards a style between Pop/Wave and chamber music they don't really fit into any genre, often incorporating elements of Classical music and avantgarde. Veljanov also released 3 albums as a solo project, going more towards a rock-influenced style but also including folk elements inspirated by the music of his home country Macedonia.

Good display of his typical range (E2-F4):


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