Stephen "Ste" McNally

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Stephen "Ste" McNally

Post  wonka on Tue Mar 12, 2013 8:21 am

Current status: READY FOR REVIEW
Stephen McNally "Ste McNally" (BBMak, 10 Reasons (10 Reasons To Live), Solo (Ste Mak), Harper Mak)

Voice Type: Tenor
Total Range: A2-G5

Highest notes:

G5 ("Pink" (cover))
E5 ("Staring Into Space", "She And Me")
D5 ("Staring Into Space", "Pink" (cover))
C♯5 ("I’m Not In Love", "Staring Into Space", "After All Is Said And Done", "City Life", "Grace", "Christmas Time", "Catch Me If You Can", "Mr Know It All", "She And Me", "Closer" (cover), "Mercy" (cover))
C5 ("Love On The Outside", "Can’t Say", "Miss You More", "Come Alive", "Pink" (cover), "Forever", "Bullet In Your Heart")
B4 ("I’m Not In Love", "Love On The Outside", "Can't Say", "Staring Into Space", "After All Is Said and Done", "Alive" (acoustic), "Time Is Running Out", "Crazy" (cover), "Parachute" (cover), "Grace", "Christmas Time", "Mr Know It All", "She And Me", "The Hard Way", "Reason For Breathing", "Pink" cover, "Mercy" (cover), "All This I Know")
B♭4 ("September", "Unpredictable", "I Can Tell", "Still On Your Side", "After All Is Said And Done", "Miss You More, "Let It All Out", "City Life", "Come Alive", "Money", "Beautiful Scars", "I'm Falling", "Living In Me", "Grace", "The Other Side", "Killing Me", "Alive", "Breathe", "Christmas Time", "Falling Apart", "Catch Me If You Can", "Mr Know It All", "The Hard Way", "Queen Of Hearts", "Crazy" (cover), "Closer" (cover), "Parachute" (cover), "Bullet In Your Heart", "Don't Look Down")
A4 ("I’m Not In Love", "Ghost Of You And Me", "Love On The Outside", "Still On Your Side", "Can't Say", "Staring Into Space", "Get You Through The Night", "She's Everything", "I Still Believe", "If I Could Fly", "September", "Breathe", "Pushing Me On", "Angels Over New York" (acoustic), "Catch Me If You Can" (acoustic), "Reason For Breathing", "Pink" cover, "Mercy" (cover), "All This I Know", "Forever", "When Tomorrow Comes", "Let The Outside In", "Let It All Out", "Sympathy", "Back Here")

Lowest notes:

A2 ("Mercy" (cover))
B♭2 ("Change")
B2 ("I'm Not In Love", "We Used To Be Young", "Angels Over New York" (acoustic), "Wonderful World" (cover), "Mercy" (cover), "Parachute" (cover))
C3 ("Endlessly")
C♯3 ("I’m Not In Love", "Money", "Living In Me", "Time Of My Life", "Change", "We Used To Be Young", "Mercy" (cover), "Parachute" (cover))
D3 ("I Still Believe", "Endlessly", "Breathless", "Let It All Out", "Back Here")
E♭3 ("City Life", "Christmas Time", "Money", "Beautiful Scars", "What A Day", "Queen Of Hearts", "Change", "We Used To Be Young", "Closer" (cover), "Parachute" (cover))

*Blue marks probable non-modal notes.
*Purple or Underlines mark notes in backing vocals or otherwise obscured
*Italics mark screamed notes or non sung notes..


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