Rylan Clark

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Rylan Clark

Post  Guest on Wed Mar 06, 2013 4:05 am

Voice Type: Low Tenor
Vocal Range: B2-F♯5

Significant High Notes

F♯5 (''Respect'')
E5 (''Respect'')
D5 (''Respect'')
C♯5 (''Kissing You'')
C5 (''Respect'', ''Funny Laugh Before First Audition'', ''Horny'', ''Kissing You'')
B4 (''Kissing You'', ''We Found Love'', ''Horny'')
B♭4 (''Kissing You'')
A4 (''Kissing You'', ''Respect'', ''Wires'')
G♯4 (''One Night Only'', ''Wires'', ''Kissing You'')
G4 (''Spice Girls Medley'', ''Kissing You'', ''Respect'', ''Girls On Film'', ''Wires'')
F♯4 (''Gold'', ''Spice Girls Medley'', ''Kissing You'', ''We Found love'', ''Toxic'', ''Girls On Film''),

Significant Low Notes

D3 (''On The floor'', ''Gimme,Gimme,Gimme'', ''Mamma Mia'', ''One Night Only'', ''Beautiful Day'')
C3 (''Gold'', ''One Night Only'')
B2 (''Gold'', ''Horny'')

Thread originally ny Martin28

Not everybody's favourite singer
but a really nice tone to his voice and a decent range nonetheless

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Re: Rylan Clark

Post  Starman on Wed Apr 09, 2014 3:35 pm

wow! this thread takes me back xD
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